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The most important rules for the RETURN OF SERVE

The most important rules for the RETURN OF SERVE Introduction. For both players, the return of serve represents the initial stroke for close to half the rallies in a... “Most important shot in the modern game of tennis,”. Grip. In general, the grips used for the forehand and backhand groundstrokes ...

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It is up to you to determine where to stand for the tennis return of serve and it may vary depending on the player you face and what takes place during the match. Be open to mixing up your strategy if it isn’t working. Hitting the Tennis Return of Serve: Preparation. When preparing for the return of serve you want to be in the ready position. The ready position is the athletic stance where your feet are around shoulder width apart, standing light on the balls of your feet, and ready to ...

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USTA pro Lizanne Jinkerts offers this tip for returning serves. Early in a match, study your opponent's second serve—to avoid double faulting, he or she will usually revert to a "safe serve." Take note of that and expect a similar type of serve in crucial spots. Anticipate where the ball is going ... and attack!

Tennis Serving Rules

The server alternates serving from the two halves of the court. In both a standard game, and tie-break game, the server begins by serving from the right half of the court. The serve must pass over the net and hit the service court that is diagonally opposite the server, before the receiver may return it.

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If neither of those two things are happening then your return should be relatively stress free, with a full half of the court open to your disposal. If the server is coming in right after the serve your best play is cross court and down at his feet.

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On the other hand, when they serve the ball in, self 1 is typically occupying much of your mental capacity while you attempt to strike the return. Here are some of the consequences of giving self 1 too much control while playing tennis. 1. Added Tension. When the serve lands out, you naturally loosen up.

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When preparing to serve, you must stand behind the baseline, holding a ball in your non-playing hand. In the middle of the baseline you will notice a small mark, known imaginatively as the ‘center mark’. If an even number of points has been played in a game, you must stand to the right of this mark when serving.

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When a serve hits the tennis net and the ball lands inside the service box or court, this is considered a let in tennis. The server is allowed to make that serve again. If the serve hits the tennis net but lands outside the service court, it is considered a fault. For a new tennis player, the name LET can be confusing.