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Common Soccer Knee Injuries and How to Prevent Them

There are practical and proven ways to reduce non-contact ACL injuries. If you have 10-15 minutes, you have the time to complete a proper evidence-based ACL Injury Prevention Program Yes, a mere 10-15 minute investment 3 times a week can help reduce a major injury, major rehab period and major risk of arthritis.

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Warm up and cool down – Everyone from casual soccer players to elite athletes can help minimize their risk of injury by including a proper warm-up before games and practices and a cool down afterwards. Wear proper gear – Wearing appropriate footwear is extremely important for reducing your risk of injury in soccer.

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Preventing Knee Injuries in Soccer

Understanding injury mechanisms is a key component of prevention of non-contact ACL injuries. Mechanically, ACL injury occurs when an excessive tension force is applied on the ACL. A non-contact ACL injury occurs when a person themselves generates great forces at the knee that applies excessive loading on the ACL.

Knee & Ankle Injury Prevention for Soccer Players

The warm-up needs to cover full range of motion movements starting with slow and controlled progressing to quick, dynamic movements that replicate the game-like conditions. Here are 4 tips on how to prevent injuries in the upcoming seasons! 1. Stretching.

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Training programs for the reduction of knee injuries have been developed based on the notion that the risk of ACL injury could be reduced by improving motion patterns via neuromuscular and proprioceptive training. 7,8 When these programs were tested among young female soccer players, results have been conflicting. 9-13 Although one program resulted in a reduced injury rate, 9 all suffered from low compliance or did not report compliance with the program investigated. 9-13

Knee Injuries in Elite Level Soccer Players

This article includes a critical review of the epidemiology of knee injuries in soccer, anterior cruciate ligament and other ligamentous injuries, cartilage and meniscal injury, post-traumatic osteoarthritis, as well as current prevention initiatives.

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in injury prevention • Playing surface exposure • Cleat modifications • Variation in training and practice methods, rest Sportsmetrics Prevent Injury and Enhance Performance Program (PEP) Noyes et al AAOS 2018 – 2 programs shown to decrease ACL risk FIFA 11+ • Designed to address all soccer-related injuries, not just the ACL

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Can We Prevent All Soccer Injuries? Closing Thoughts. No, unfortunately, we cannot prevent all soccer injuries from occurring. That is the nature of sports, there is an inherent risk of getting injured. However, that doesn’t mean we throw away soccer prehab exercises!

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