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NFHS Rule 05 – A Better Official

The length of each extra period must be four minutes (or half the time of a regulation quarter for non-varsity contests). As many such periods as are necessary to break the tie must be played. Extra periods are an extension of the fourth quarter. ART. 4. . . Once the ball becomes live in the extra period, it will be played even though a ...

NFHS Rule 5 - A Better Official

The NFHS Basketball Rules Committee does not recognize protests. ART. 3 . ... SECTION 5 LENGTH OF QUARTER. ... A quarter(s) may be shortened in an emergency or at any ...

NFHS – Rules Book – Rule 5 - Abilene Basketball Chapter

Section 5 - Length of Quarter ART. 1 Playing time for teams of high school age shall be four quarters of eight minutes each with intermissions of one minute after the first and third quarters, and 10 minutes between halves.

NCAA NFHS Major Rules Differences 2020-21

ITEM NFHS NCAA above the basket-ring level. Game Clock Length of Quarter/Period/ Half Length of Extra Period Deflection Under a Minute Stop Clock After Successful Field Goal Game Forfeiture Four eight-minute quarters. Four minutes. No rule. No rule. When coach is DQ’ed from the bench area and there is no other school personnel present to

NFHS Basketball Rules - Longview Basketball Officials Assocation

If the fourth quarter or extra period ends and the score is tied, the free throws will start the extra period. If the score is not tied and result of the free throws would tie or win the game, the free throws are administered as part of the preceding quarter/period. www.nfhs.org

Figure 1-1 Basketball Court Diagram - NFHS

OPTIMUM LENGTH 84 FEET INSIDE Left End Shows Rectangular Backboard 72-lnches Wide ALL LINES SHALL BE 2 INCHES WIDE (NEUTRAL ZONES EXCLUDED) END LINES AND SIDELINES SHALL BE A MINIMUM OF 2 INCHES IN WIDTH. MINIMUM OF 3 FEET Preferably 10 feet of unobstructed space outside. If impossible to provide 3 feet, a narrow broken 1-inch line should be marked

Basketball - NFHS

Illinois Basketball Team Experiences Ups, Downs of Return to Play. Illinois Administrators Named to Basketball Coaches Hall of Fame. Bison Renews Agreement as NFHS Corporate Partner for Basketball. Mitigation Efforts Must Intensify as Winter Sports, Performing Arts...

2004 Basketball Scorers & timers - nfhs.org

b.The length of each extra period shall be four minutes (or half the time of a regulation quarter for non-varsity contests). c.As many such extra periods as are needed to break the tie shall be played. Game ends, if, at end of any extra period, the score is not tied. d.Extra periods are an extension of the fourth quarter.