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Can you wear indoor soccer shoes casually? - Shoes for Soccer

Casual looking indoor soccer shoes. So it’s not the best idea to wear your indoor soccer shoes outside the field, if you plan on playing with them again on the field. Make sure you wear the right shoes for the right occasions. But if you do want to wear indoor soccer shoes outside the field, you want them to look casual but good.

Can You Wear Indoor Soccer Shoes Casually? - I Love Soccer Cleats

So there is your short answer – yes, you can definitely wear indoor soccer shoes casually as you move around and do your daily tasks, or if you are just heading out to hang out with friends, etc. Indoor soccer cleats are perfect for wearing around casually. Ok back to the info – the Adidas.

What do you guys think about wearing Indoor Mercurials casually?

I'm all for indoor soccer shoes as casual, but perhaps not the Mercurials.. the Mambacurials on the other hand are nice casual wear. Only reason I wouldn't do these is because the lack of a sole looks strange to me. I'm sure if worn with the right pants the black ones can be put to good use.

Looking for casual soccer shoes, without cleats ...

I was looking at indoor soccer shoes, however the ones I could find weren't very casual. I don't even play soccer, I just want to wear them purely for the style. As for the shoes you mentioned, the soles are too high for me, and also they don't curve in at the outer arch like the ones I linked do.

Can I use indoor turf soccer shoes indoors as an everyday ...

Answer (1 of 2): Turf shoes and indoor shoes are different. Turf shoes…. you can, but they are not all that comfortable to walk on because of the stud-like texture. They don’t have much grip on smooth floors either. Indoor shoes? Totally! I don’t play much indoor soccer so I wear my Adidas Mes...

Can turf soccer shoes be used indoor? - Shoes for Soccer

Yes, you can wear your new turf soccer shoes indoor. Soccer shoes, made for use on turf, are actually pretty good to play with. They can be used on all dry or very hard surfaces, even playing on concrete.

Why Do You Have to Wear Soccer Shoes? | SportsRec

Cleats, like running shoes and other high-impact footwear, are made with cushioning the foot, ankle and knee in mind. Good cleats can protect against impact injuries. (ref. 1) The bigger the cleats are and the farther from the ground your feet are, the more protection you have.

Is it appropriate to wear outdoor football shoes with jeans ...

It can damage floor surfaces and can also injure the wearer because it is slippery on indoor surfaces. Indoor soccer shoes (the kind with grooved rubber soles, but no cleats) can be worn anywhere and are perfectly appropriate for a student to wear with jeans. 12.7K views. ·.