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Basketball Dribbling Activities

Instructional Procedures "Basketball Frenzy": Scatter the basketballs on the gym floor and have the students stand next to a basketball. On the... Dribble three times and move to another ball. Dribble with the non-dominant hand. Do cross-over dribbles. Do patterns: one dribble, two dribbles, three ...

Fifth grade Lesson Fundamentals of basketball: dribbling and ...

Activity 1-Dribbling. Students line up in six lines on the baseline. Each student in the front of the line should have a basketball. Students will dribble down the court in a variety of ways. Each drill will be done 3 times. *Remind students to keep their head and eyes up while dribbling so they don't run into anybody.

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We will begin with a quick jogging and stretching routine. Followed by having the students get in five lines starting at the baseline with six people in each line spaced six feet apart. I will instruct the students to stand there and dribble the basketball for thirty seconds. Blow the whistle for them to stop, then ask them to dribble for thirty more seconds.

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3-5 PE Lesson Ideas Dribbling Dribble around the clock: 1-3: 55,333 11/3/2016 Paper and Pencil Assessment Dribbling Fingerpad Basketball Dribbling: K-2: 46,374 5/12/2016 3-5 PE Lesson Ideas Dribbling Shark Dribble Protector: 4-5: 96,040 5/12/2016 K-2 PE Lesson Ideas Dribbling Card Sharks Dribble and Catch: 1-2


Dribbling: Push basketball with pads of fingers; basketball should back spin, non-dribbling arm is up to protect basketball. • Demonstrate skill. • All students practice stationary dribbling with dominate hand and protecting with non-dominant hand. • All students practice stationary dribbling with non-dominate hand and protect with

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Basketball Dribbling Cues Assessment. At the end of the unit I give my 2nd graders a verbal quiz to see if they know the 3 cues for a basketball dribble, this is one of our common report card assessments for 2nd grade (details on how I do grades here).

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Feed the Frogs – Great lesson to teach children about keeping eyes up with dribbling a ball with finger pads. Building Dribblers – Kids work together to build a structure while working on their basketball dribbling skills. Grades 3-5. Card Sharks Basketball Passing – Practice chest and bounce passes using a deck of cards. Dribbling Beanbag Transfer – This lesson helps teach students how to keep their eyes up when they are dribbling a ball. Grades 6-8

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o Center circle- ball handling: basketball rotations around head, body, and legs, dribble around right leg, left leg, and figure 8, etc. Activity Introduce dribbling Dribble to other end of the court each time using: Right hand, left hand, cross over, behind the back, between the legs, and reverse pivot. Assessment: